A business is an individual who conducts commercial activities by following an already established path.

Answer b:

Innovating is all about meeting customer needs, even if the customer doesn’t know what they need. This is a way of doing innovation that doesn’t wait for a new invention to come out for decades. There are a lot of things to think about when it comes to figuring out what customers want and how much they’re willing to pay. In places where existing products, services, or concepts don’t fully meet these needs, we can come up with new ideas.


Some of the best ways to come up with business ideas are shown below.


A hobby is a favorite thing to do when people not working. Many people have started businesses because they enjoy their hobbies or are interested in them. There are a lot of things they might be able to turn into a business.

Skills and experience

As an example, a mechanic who worked for a large garage before starting his own business, like a car repair shop or a used car business. Thus, the background of people who want to start a business is very important when it comes to whether or not they start a business and what kind of business they start.

People skills and experience are probably the most important things for generate business idea.


Another way to come up with ideas for a business is to go to trade shows and shows. These events are usually advertised on the radio and in the newspaper. By going to these events often, people will not only learn about new products and services, but they will also meet sales representatives, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and franchisers. Many times, these are great places to get ideas for a business, information about how to start one, and help getting going.


In many cases, new products and services have been made because customers were unhappy with what they had. A business idea is possible when people say things like “I wish there was…,” or “If only I could find something that could…,” or when people say things like “I wish there was something like that.”

The idea could be to start a rival company that sells a better product or service, or it could be a new product or service that could be sold to the company in question and/or to other people.


Brainstorming is a way to think of creative ways to solve problems and come up with new ideas. Make as many ideas as possible. It usually starts with a question or a statement about what’s wrong. Products and services that people need in their home today but aren’t there might be a good question to ask. Each idea leads to one or more more ideas, which is a good number.


There are a lot of entrepreneurs in the world, and their stories show that there are a lot of different sources of business ideas or business opportunities, and that idea can generate from own hobby, skill or any problem.