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Subject: Business Studies

At present, young generations wants to start their own business or startup business. to start such business, they require some concepts through
which they easily setup business. Business study is one of those subject that highlights and help the students to understand the concept of the
business. Business is a dynamic process that brings together technology, natural resources and human initiative in a constantly changing global
environment. Business studies is one of the subject that influences the social, political, economic, and legal issues. After the study of the business studies,
the students effectively handles the consumers, employers, citizens, or employees. The main objective of the business studies is to develop a business
attitude and skill to manage the operations and resources of the business.

Business studies defines the principles of the business processes. It provides a framework where students understands the detailed study of business operating, business and
organization management, dynamic nature and inter-dependent of the business, developing new theory and ideas for any new business trade, and so on. It is
an academic subject in different countries such as Canada, Australia, Sri Lanka, Nepal,United Kingdom, Hong Long,and so on. Business studies is an interdisciplinary
subject that incorporates knowledge from Sociology, Psychology, Political Science, Statistics, Law,and Mathematics.

Business studies is a big subject in the Social Sciences that permits the depth study of different fields such as accountancy, marketing,
finance, and similar. Business fundamentals, Business communication, Financial literacy, and Business Technology are four main business practices
that are study in the Business studies subject. Different business functions are used to explore such business practices. Business studies and Accountancy are the part of the commerce education provided after first ten years of schooling by CBSE board.

Business Studies Syllabus

CBSE class 11 Business Studies Syllabus
CBSE class 12 Business Studies Syllabus