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CBSE Class 11th Engineering Graphics Syllabus
CBSE Class 11th Engineering Graphics Syllabus
CBSE Class 11th Engineering Graphics Syllabus

One paper (Practical): 3 Hours 66 Periods
1. Developing “Prisms” and “Pyramids” with the help of card board (thick paper).
2. Developing different types of packaging boxes (cartons).
3. Making different types of graphic designs/ murals for interior/ exterior decorations in colour using the knowledge of geometrical figures with the use of any Computer Software such as Collab-CAD and /or any equivalent pertinent software.
4. Drawing ellipse by Trammel and Thread method on the ground / drawing sheet / plywood / cardboard, etc.
5. Preparing top-view (plan) of a class room, Home: Drawing room / Bedroom / Study room / Kitchen, Engineering Graphics room drawing different objects therein.
6. Drawing through activities: Involutes, cycloid, helix and sine curves listing their uses in daily life.
7. Preparing the following sections of solids (prisms, pyramids, spheres, etc.) with clay, soap, thermocol, plasticine, wax or any other material easily and economically available. When the cutting plane is: parallel to the base, perpendicular to the base and inclined to the base. Also creating different objects with combination of above solids.

I 20 activities (minimum two each from aforementioned seven points) are to be assessed.
II. In all the practicals, drawing/sketching of the views should be incorporated and evaluated accordingly.
III. The scheme of evaluation is as follows:
CBSE Class 11th Engineering Graphics Syllabus