Facebook is one of the most important social media platforms for advertisers.


Facebook is one of the most important social media platforms for advertisers. Business presence on this platform is critical to its digital growth. Explain how Facebook audience insights can be used by a B2B fashion e-commerce portal to its advantage. Can Facebook live be used as a substitute by online tutors to conduct live webinars?


Facebook is one of the most important social media platforms for almost all type of business. Facebook is giving more power to marketing teams all over the world. For its ads platform, the Facebook Ad-Xchange, it has added a powerful new tool called Audience Insights.


To help marketers figure out what their customers are doing on Facebook, the tool will show them trends. This way, they can change their marketing messages based on what the tool shows them. In this way: The tool gives you information about users in the following groups:

  • Demographics: Age and gender, lifestyle, education, relationship status, job role, and household size.
  • Page Likes: The top Pages people like in various categories, like women’s clothing or sports.
  • Location and Language: Where people live and the languages they communicate.
  • Facebook Usage: How often people in the target audience use Facebook and which devices they use to do so.
  • Purchase History: How and when people have bought things in the past (online vs offline).
  • Start-ups don’t have the money or time to research, gather, look deeper, and get important information from a lot of raw data that a platform like Facebook has. Facebook audience insights is a big help for them.

Here are a few new ways that B2B can get a lot of value from this new feature:

1. Cohort Analysis:

This tool can help for better understand of customers, their habits and inclinations, group them into groups, and figure out which groups are more profitable. Then, we can make different groups of people who are custom audiences and look at how they act. And this way, we’ll be able to figure out who our most profitable customers are better than ever before. For example, business owner might find out that a lot of women who have liked his brand’s Facebook page are more interested in fast fashion retail brands, even though the brand is more about luxury fashion. And then, he will either change his content strategy or his product offerings to match. Because of this, more people will be interested in the Facebook page, and more sales will be made.

2. Personalized Communication with the audience:

Businesses that use Facebook as their main marketing tool can tailor their communication and interaction with different groups of people based on their likes, interests, and behaviours.

3. Better Strategizing of offline marketing campaigns:

This tool can give a lot of information about how our customers are likely to like and respond to different types of marketing messages. This information can be used to plan a more focused and well-structured offline campaign that will be more effective.

4. Market Research:

As a whole, this is a goldmine of information that can help marketers with limited funds get important customer insights that were previously only available to companies with big money. Also, special applications and campaigns can be made if there is a need to find out more about a certain group of customers.

5. Cross-Platform Planning:

A business that uses Facebook to grow its customer base can use this information to plan better campaigns on other digital platforms and make more money from them, too.

Facebook live can be used for online tutoring to conduct live webinars

When user use Facebook Live, they can livestream to the social network platform. It’s possible for people who are watching the stream to share and comment on what they are seeing. Also, a recording of the video is put on the page or profile. This way, it can be watched again later.

Process of Facebook Live

Facebook Live videos are public, so people can watch them on any device that has Facebook but doesn’t need an account. Using Facebook, people can go live from their profile, a Page, a group, or an event. They can also go live from a group or a page. It will be different to start a livestream from the app or on the web.

People who use Facebook Live can use these tools

Facebook has a lot of tools that user can use to connect with viewers even more during live broadcast.

During the polls: Users can make a live poll ahead of time and share it when you go live. People will be able to respond in real time during the stream.

Featured Links: One or more featured links can be added to the stream to help people find your website or other sources.

Live in Stories: These let you share your streams right to Facebook Stories, so you can get in front of more people.

Live Comment Moderation: Manage the comments that people make on your livestream. This feature lets you set a limit on who can comment and how often. You can even choose a specific person to look over your comments for you.

Front Row: This feature lets you put your best fans in a special area of your stream. It’s a good way to show how much you care about them while you’re still alive.

Badges: These are a way to see how much your fans are interested in what you post. It doesn’t matter if your fans send you “Stars” or watch your Facebook Live videos. They can get badges for doing these things.

Donations: A “Donate” button can be added to live videos by certain pages in certain places. People who donate money to nonprofits through Facebook don’t pay any fees. This means that they get all of the money.

Live With: This is a feature called co-broadcasting that lets user host their Facebook Live video with more than one person.

Live Shopping: If user have products for sale on Facebook, they can use this feature to show them off during their livestream.


The Facebook Audience Insights tools make certain that business Interaction and Social Engagement Strategies are directed at the most appropriate group of people. Facebook Live is one of the most popular systems for all type of webinar. So its concluded that Facebook is backbone for b2b marketing.