Media Planning Top MCQs with answer practice set

MCQs set with answer for Media Planning

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QN1. The word Media came from the Latin word

a. middle

B. media

c. medium

d. mode


Answer: a.middle

QN2. targets are those who have the power to affect the changes the campaign calls for

a. primary

B. secondary

c. tertiary

d. priority


Answer: a.primary

QN3. A is an estimation of a company’s promotional expenditures over a period of time.

a. media buying

B. media planning

c. media budget

d. media scheduling


Answer: buying

QN4. is a count up of all the people of the total base or defined Target Grass (TG) who are actually exposed to or reached by communication used.

a. reach

B. frequency

c. cumulative reach

d. visibility


Answer: a.reach

QN5. Sender of a media text has an access to feedback of the audience.

a. direct

B. indirect

c. delayed

d. crypted



QN6. A consumer must plan to act in a desired manner is also known as

a. attention

B. intention

c. behaviour

d. reaction


Answer: b.intention

QN7. The cost factor becomes a matter of relative cost of the individual media, in case of newspaper, this relationship is determined as per per column.

a. centimeter

B. word

c. line

d. paragraph


Answer: a.centimeter

QN8. methods is a ” let’s not rock the boat” or “If something ‘s going well, why fix it ” way of setting budget.

a. status quo

B. inflation adjusted

c. case rate

d. estimation


Answer: a.status quo

QN9. number of unduplicated individuals or households reached by an advertising medium over a particular period.

a. reach

B. frequency

c. cumulative reach

d. visibility


Answer: c.cumulative reach

QN10. Media is considered as Modern commodity because

a. specializedtechnology

B. slow speed

c. unreliable data

d. high cost


Answer: a.specializedtechnology

QN11. Research will tell you about your target audience’s local media habits

a. qualitative

B. quantitative

c. descriptive

d. analytical


Answer: a.qualitative

QN12. refers to a specific methods of media used by companies to deliver advertising messages to targeted customers.

a. media vehicle

B. media mix

c. media methodology

d. media dispersion


Answer: vehicle

QN13. method is slightly modified version of the ‘Status Quo’ method.

a. media budget

B. inflation adjusted

c. case rate

d. estimation


Answer: b.inflation adjusted

QN14. is the average number of exposers amongst those who have been reached or have seen the ad atlest once.

a. aots -average opportunity to see

B. air – average issue readership

c. circulation

d. reach


Answer: a.aots -average opportunity to see

QN15. is responsible for Media content.

a. editor

B. common people

c. government

d. competitor


Answer: a.editor

QN16. indicates a percentage of target audience who is exposed at least once in a given period yo a particular media vehicle

a. reach

B. frequency

c. market coverage

d. market share


Answer: a.reach

QN17. is the ability to aim a radio or TV program or programming at a specefic, limited audience or consumer market.

a. narrow casting

B. media concentration

c. media mix

d. media planning


Answer: a.narrow casting

QN18. method is identical to the A-S method expect that the budgeting is linked to the number of cases or units sold.

a. media budget

B. inflation adjusted

c. case rate

d. estimation


Answer: rate

QN19. In the a diary with quarter hour times slots across the rows and channels across the column is given to a panel.

a. peoplemeter

B. diary system

c. stickiness index

d. rating


Answer: b.diary system

QN20. leads to aggression in society

a. fake news

B. good news

c. authentic news

d. live news


Answer: a.fake news

QN21. Message weight is expressed in terms of gross impressions or rating points.

a. gross

B. net

c. operational

d. average


Answer: a.gross

QN22. A is a publication that mostly covers one main topic.

a. newsletter

B. newspaper

c. magazine

d. pamplet


Answer: a.newsletter

QN23. is the process of strategizing, negotiating and purchasing ad placements or inventory.

a. media buying

B. media planning &buying

c. media budget

d. media scheduling


Answer: planning &buying

QN24. The comprises of two units , a remote to register the viewer details and a channel monitoring device attached to the TV which records the channel being switched.

a. peoplemeter

B. diary system

c. stickiness index

d. rating


Answer: a.peoplemeter

QN25. is a very common mass media product.

a. poverty

B. politics

c. women abuse

d. scams


Answer: b.politics

QN26. —– —–is ahighly negotiable medium when it comes to pricing.

a. News paper

B. Radio

c. Television

d. D. Internet


Answer: b.Radio

QN27. A large amount of —– advertising is for retailers, local businesses used for promotions.

a. newspaper

B. magazines

c. radio

d. television



QN28. The —– should be the formal summation of the advertising task that the media planner will take on to a solution.

a. media brief

B. media expansion

c. media buying

d. media selling


Answer: brief

QN29. Companies are exploring the —– for communicating their advertising message because of its several attractivefeatures and advantages.

a. television

B. newspaper

c. .radio

d. new media


Answer: media

QN30. The advertising industry is passing through a transition phase with the emergence of the—– media.

a. television

B. online

c. interactive

d. information



QN31. New media is very cost-effective when compared to the traditional mediaand is highly—–

a. reliable

B. requited

c. resourceful

d. result-oriented


Answer: d.result-oriented

QN32. The —– is the biggest possible medium and has the quickest and the deepest reach throughout the globe.

a. web


c. radio

d. outdoor


Answer: a.web

QN33. Digit al technology is changing the way—– relate to products and markets.

a. manufactures

B. consumer

c. dealers

d. industry


Answer: b.consumer

QN34. Media —– is a primary goal of advertising media planning and buying.

a. flexibility

B. expansion

c. frequency

d. efficiency


Answer: d.efficiency

QN35. Frequency of describes the number of times that your advertisement appears in the media.

a. continuity

B. exposure

c. repetition

d. D. insertion


Answer: d.D. insertion

QN36. . Advertising media do not operate in a vacuum: they must be part of the overall and advertising plans.

a. marketing

B. media

c. corporate

d. campaign



QN37. Advertisers use many factors other than the—–in their media analyses and plans.

a. activities

B. audience

c. attributes

d. influential


Answer: b.audience

QN38. Cyber consumers are not _

a. Heterogeneous

B. segmented

c. mass

d. homogeneous


Answer: d.homogeneous

QN39. e-Tailingwill have to co-exist with —– retailing.

a. e-Commerce

B. traditional

c. mobile

d. integrated


Answer: b.traditional

QN40. —– the appropriate market segment has become ever more imp ort ant when carrying out e-branding campaigns.

a. Segmenting

B. Positioning

c. Targeting

d. Implementing


Answer: c.Targeting

QN41. CAS stand for

a. Conditional access system

B. control accounting system

c. control adademic system

d. conditonal account system


Answer: a.Conditional access system

QN42. TRP stand for

a. total ring point

B. total rating point

c. total rate power

d. television rating points


Answer: d.television rating points

QN43. Radio rating services was conductede in

a. 2005

B. 2006

c. 2007

d. 2008


Answer: c.2007

QN44. NTS stand for

a. national television study

B. north testing system

c. national television system

d. national technology system


Answer: a.national television study

QN45. Drugs and cosmetics act

a. 1940

B. 1960

c. 1950

d. 1890


Answer: a.1940

QN46. IRS stands for

a. Indian readership survey

B. Indian record survey

c. Indian rate survey

d. Indian rating system


Answer: a.Indian readership survey

QN47. —– Play important role in providing accurate data

a. ABC


c. ACB

d. AFC


Answer: a.ABC

QN48. Media planning begins with

a. market

B. market analysis

c. profit

d. planning


Answer: analysis

QN49. PCI stands for

a. press council of India

B. press court of india

c. panel court of india

d. pass council of india


Answer: council of India

QN50. The PCI established

a. 1978

B. 1967

c. 1866

d. 1987


Answer: a.1978