Search engines drive traffic as they are primary channel to find information on the Internet


Search engines drive traffic as they are primary channel to find information on the Internet. Data indicates that search engines are encouraging mobile websites and devaluing rank of non-mobile websites. List out the reasons, why search engines are encouraging mobile websites and devaluing the rank of non-mobile websites.


Google has officially said that Responsive Web Design is their favourite way to make websites. They also give web designers and developers advice on how to make their websites work better for any new search engine algorithms that they make. A responsive web design is the best choice for search engine optimization for this reason.


The best websites for users will be ranked higher by Google because they want people to have a good experience when they leave the search engine, so they will rank them higher. People who work for Google think that responsive websites are the best in terms of web design. It only makes sense for Google to rank responsive websites higher.

One of the most important things that leads to more traffic and better rankings is how long the web page takes to load on average. Because of this, every website needs to be optimised so that it can load as quickly as possible, so that everyone can enjoy it. This makes it more likely that the page will show up in the results of a search. This is where responsive web designs come in. They save web pages from being broken. They make the pages load quickly on different types of devices, which, of course, increases the traffic to the sites in question.

The time spent on a site is called “bounce rate.” In a way, it says how quickly people go back or leave a website. Google takes into account how users act when it comes to figuring out how long people spend on a website between the time they arrive and when they leave.

Search Engine thinks that a site’s content isn’t important if people don’t stay long enough to read it. However, this isn’t always the case. There are times when the design of the website is more important than the content. Even if there isn’t a problem with the content, the design makes it hard for people to understand quickly, which makes them want to leave the site right away. This is where a company that makes responsive websites comes in handy, like this one. They come up with designs that go well with the content, which helps the websites stay on top of the search engine pages and keep people coming back to them.

Google already tells if a website is mobile-friendly when people search for it. The news that mobile will be a ranking factor only shows how important and important it is to have a mobile-friendly website.


A responsive website has a fluid and flexible layout that changes with the size of the screen. The most important thing about responsive web design is that it makes it easier to use. Website will look and work great on almost all of them. That’s why search engines put responsive websites at the top of their lists.